Cappadocia Turkish Bath

Hamam or Turkish bath is an important factor of Turkish culture, which has been used for religious and spiritual purification for centuries. The origins of the baths are based on the ancient Roman and Greek period. At that time people came together not only for cleaning, but also for entertainment,chatting,socializing,for mentally relaxing and entertaining with their acquaintances in baths.
Turkish baths also provide many benefits for our health.It accelerates the blood circulation of the body, the pores are opened with steam, the skin is renewed thanks to the loofah, the body is purified from fatigue and negative energy, toxins are removed. You should go to a Turkish bath as soon as possible not only for bodily cleaning but also relieve your tiredness after a exhausting day, mentally refresh and to complete your Turkey visit.

While your body is breathing in bath,which is part of orientalism of Turkey and the Middle East ,you can touch our culture more closely.And when you lye on the marbles where sultans,important people lied for centuries,you will feel the history deeply.

Your Turkish bath experience starts with relaxation in a room(warm room-ılıklık-tepidarium) which is heated by a dry and warm air.Then bathers may move to even hotter room(hot room-sıcaklık-calderium) .After full body washing and masssage the bathers may move to the cooling room(soğukluk-frigidarium) for relaxation.

Health and Safety Conditions Before Entering The Bath

  • All jewelry and glasses must be removed before entering the Hamam.
  •  Contact lenses should be removed before entering the Hamam as they can cause eye irritation.
  •  Entering a bath with a full stomach is inconvenient for health, if you eat before the bath creates a tension on the circulatory system.If you feel full please wait minimum 1-2 hours before entering the Hamam.
  • It is not prohibited to enter the Bath drunk.But it is dangerous for health issues.
  • It is not recommended to enter in case of serious heart conditions and breathing difficulties.
  • It is not recommended to enter if you have sunburnt or skin-damage.
  • Services offered in Turkish Bath
  • Sauna
  • Bubble Bath
  • Turkish Bath Pouch