“The God created Cappadocia for the Private Hot Air Balloon Flight

 It is impossible to disagree with this view. Imagine a region where is erupted volcanoes for million years, then nature gave unrealistic shape with her creativeness, after all perfect weather emerged for the Hot Air Balloon flights.

You could fly with Hot Air Balloon all around the world yet the most important thing is where you are flying. Flying is magic, so is Cappadocia. When these two phenomena come together, the world’s most unique event occurs.

Ballooning in Cappadocia is among the 50 things to do before you die. For this reason, we provide service in all seasons of the year with the most experienced pilots of the region and the highest quality service, especially for your private flights.

Which kind of services I will have during the Private Flights

Firstly, you will have full insurance during this activity.

We will provide private transportation from hotel to take of area.

We will inform you about history of ballooning of the Cappadocia, during this information you will have light breakfast.

During the hot inflation of the balloon we will be help you to take a perfect photos.

Briefing about flight, with well English speaking Hot Air Balloon Pilot (Aviator). You will have information about Cappadocia during the flight.

There will be two champagne celebration, one of them during the flight and the last one is after safe landing. This is kind of tradition in Cappadocia, after all safe landing we celebrate our flight with local champagne.

We will give you Flight Certificate for the memory of the day.

After all services, drop of service with private vehicle to your hotel.

Those services above are all included for the Private Hot Air Balloon flight.


Frequently Asked Questions;

Shall we explain what you are wondering about a private balloon flight in Cappadocia with a question and answer section?

What is Private Hot Air Balloon Flight?

The passenger capacity of hot air balloons varies between 4 passengers and 32 passengers. For this reason, when you purchase a standard flight, your flight takes place in a balloon with a capacity of 20 to 32 passengers. However, you can only fly with the balloon prepared for you on private flights. In this way, this unique experience is organized only with the people you want and only for you.

What will I see during the flight?

You will see the highest mountain of the central Anatolia, Month Erciyes (Argaeus). The longest river of the Turkey, Kızılırmak (Halis River), Love Valley, where is very famous especially for honeymoon and young couples and several ancient town of the Cappadocia. Of course we should mentioned that fascinating Sunrise behind the Month Erciyes.

Will I see the other balloons during the Private Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Sure, you will see, because take of area especially prepared for the best moments. Private flight is the most preferred balloon tour by professional photographers.

How much is a Standard Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Hot air balloon prices vary according to the season. During the low season it is between 50-70 EUR and high season it could be more than 150 EUR.

Is Private Hot Air Balloon expensive?

Of course there is some price difference between Standard and Private flight. The main subject on the Private Hot Air Balloon flights how many person you are. So in order to get true information please contact with us about number of passengers and date of your flight.

Are there any age restrictions for children on private flights?

The minimum age is 6 years old for the children for all kind of Hot Air Balloon flights.

May I have Professional Photographer and Classical Car?

Sure, we could provide photographer and classical car before take of and after landing during the champagne celebration.

If flight cancel, may I get my money back?

Of course, if the flight is cancel we will give your money back at once.

Is insurance including the price?

Yes, full insurance is included the cost.

What is the duration of the Private Hot Air Balloon Flight?

The flight depends on the wind condition. Flight will be more than one hour or less than one and half hour.

With all the details and information above, if you want to join a private balloon flight, you can contact us at any time.