Most of the balloon flights in Cappadocia are standard flights. On these flights, passengers fly in large baskets. When you decided to fly over Cappadocia, we serve you in different options. There are 20-28 passengers in the baskets used in standard balloon flights. But if you want to fly in a smaller and confortable basket with fewer passengers, we can provide you with this opportunity.

The number of passengers starts from 2 people in special selected baskets. This number can increase up to 12 people according to your request. If you come to Cappadocia as a group with your family or friends and would like to fly in a specially arranged balloon, you can contact us.

In order to clarify the baskets and passengers capacity we prepare information below:

Hot Air Balloon Basket for 2 passengers

This basket especially dedicated for couples. If you have special occasions like proposal, birthday, wedding anniversary this basket is perfect for you. This basket is very pretty and there will be amazing, romantic flight over the Cappadocia.

Balloon Basket with 4 passengers

If you will come to Cappadocia with your family or a group of 4 friends, this basket is ideal for you. This basket has very good condition for the flight. With this basket, you can go deep into the unique valleys of Cappadocia and be closer to the fairy chimneys than ever before.

Cappadocia Private Balloon Tours

If you prefer a private balloon tour, we have prepared all the details for you. You can request the link below to access special flight details.


Basket between 6-12 passengers

The definition of fun is defined by this basket. Designed for special groups of friends, this basket offers the opportunity to party with your loved ones and friends in the skies of Cappadocia.


Note: Please let us know date of your flight, number of passengers and which basket you want. Then get ready for an early morning adventure for these unique moments. It is sure that this activity will never happen again all around the world.