Most of the balloon flights in Cappadocia are standard flights. On these flights, passengers fly in large baskets. When you decided to fly over Cappadocia, we serve you in different options. There are 20-28 passengers in the baskets used in standard balloon flights. But if you want to fly in a smaller and confortable basket with fewer passengers, we can provide you with this opportunity.

The number of passengers starts from 2 people in special selected baskets. This number can increase up to 12 people according to your request. If you come to Cappadocia as a group with your family or friends and would like to fly in a specially arranged balloon, you can contact us.

In order to clarify the baskets and passengers capacity we prepare information below:

Hot Air Balloon Basket for 2 passengers

This basket especially dedicated for couples. If you have special occasions like proposal, birthday, wedding anniversary this basket is perfect for you. This basket is very pretty and there will be amazing, romantic flight over the Cappadocia.

Balloon Basket with 4 passengers

If you will come to Cappadocia with your family or a group of 4 friends, this basket is ideal for you. This basket has very good condition for the flight. With this basket, you can go deep into the unique valleys of Cappadocia and be closer to the fairy chimneys than ever before.

Cappadocia Private Balloon Tours

If you prefer a private balloon tour, we have prepared all the details for you. You can request the link below to access special flight details.


Basket between 6-12 passengers

The definition of fun is defined by this basket. Designed for special groups of friends, this basket offers the opportunity to party with your loved ones and friends in the skies of Cappadocia.


Note: Please let us know date of your flight, number of passengers and which basket you want. Then get ready for an early morning adventure for these unique moments. It is sure that this activity will never happen again all around the world.



Cappadocia in the eyes of local people

I was born in Cappadocia which is my hometown 20 years ago. I started to be fascinated with its
unique scenery, active lifestyle and friendly people. There are hardly any people in this region who
do not speak foreign languages.and many people can have a profession thanks to the language they

Especially in Cappadocia, one of the countless touristic point of view of Turkey’s most familiar historical sites or natural elements are located. As an example, there are fairy chimneys formed in
this region as a result of the volcano eruption on Mount Erciyes years ago, and the most well known
fairy chimney is the fairy chimney called “Üç Güzeller”. There are local and foreign tourist visit here
at any time of the year. In addition to natural beauties, there are many cultural and religious regions
in this region. Its numerous churches are rich in historical baths and underground cities. Although I
am a citizen of this region, there are churches, underground cities or some historical region that I
could not even visit. At the same time, this region is one of the most known regions worldwide with
balloon flights.If you visit this area as a tourist, you should definitely get on the balloon because this
area has a beautiful view both on the ground and in the air. In the landing of the balloon, the balloon
company gives you a Cappadocia balloon flight certificate. You can add this certificate to your beautiful and
unique memory in your scrapbook. 

When I was 15, I was very excited when I got into the balloon for the first time in my life. It was the first time in my life that I would go so high and even got on the balloon and overcame my acrophobia. In recent years, safaris have been organized with camels and jeeps. Thanks to this experience, it will be a great experience to explore some of the valleys. If you want a different experience,you can visit Ihlara Valley, Derinkuyu Underground City and Goreme
Open Air Museum.Besides, there are all kinds of hotels in this area.If you want a cool and flashy
place,you can choose cave hotels, but if you want to stay in a simple, modern-style hotel, there are
also classic hotels in this area. If you want to visit Cappadocia one day, I am sure that you will not be
unhappy with any activities.

ABSTRACT Cappadocia

The Cappadocia Region has a historical background of thousands of years which varies from social, political and cultural point of view due to the geographical features originating from its geological and topographic structure. In terms of political boundaries, the borders of Cappadocia have changed many times in history, and the region that includes Nevşehir-Aksaray-Kayseri and Niğde is defined as “Core Cappadocia”. The region has an important position especially since it was located at the crossroads of the roads starting from the Early Bronze Age and east-west and north-south directions during the Assyrian Colonial and the Hittite Period. During the first millennium B.C, Nevşehir, located within the borders of the Tabal Country during the Late Hittite Period, carried a border zone between political structures in all periods with the advantage provided by the Kızılırmak (Halys) River.


The Cappadocia Region of Anatolia has a history of thousands of years in social, political and cultural terms throughout history due to its geological and topographic features. Cappadocia has always maintained its geopolitical importance due to its geographical location. Particularly during the Assyrian Trade Colonies, Hittite, Seljuk, Roman and Byzantine Empires, the fact that the trade routes coming from east-west and north-south were located at the junction point increased the geopolitical importance of the region. In Cappadocia, where is one of the most characteristic landscapes of the world, surface forms developed due to volcanism, tectonism and erosion. The highest point of the region is the peak of Erciyes with 3917 meters and Hasandağ complex with 3268 meters. The Büyük and Küçük Hasan Mountains, the Melendiz Mountain and the Keçidoyran Mountain between them have a magnificent structure in Central Anatolia with their heights reaching up to 3300 meters and their smooth cone shapes. The geological structure of the Cappadocia Region is formed by the gas, solid and flowing substances throw out from volcanoes. Cappadocia Region has become a preferred center in almost every period due to the fact that volcanic lands have fertile soils and large tuff plates formed by ignimbrite eruptions create splits by rivers to provide protection and shelter. Information derived from archaeological excavations and surveys in Cappadocia Region, there are cultural remains of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Ages, Iron Age and later Hellenistic – Roman and Byzantine and Seljuk Periods which constitute the basis of tourism economy of the region today.

“Cappadocia Tablets” this is the first written document about Cappadocia and Anatolia as well. These tablets found in Kayseri Kültepe (Karum/Kanes) in two thousand years B.C. The first cultural traces in the Cappadocia region date back to the Lower Palaeolithic period with the widespread use of obsidian stone.

Meaning and Origin of the “Cappadocia”

There are many different ideas about where the origin of the name Cappadocia comes from. The ideas below are, the generally held in mind about the origin of the Cappadocian name.

Katpatuka : Which means Land of the Beautiful Horses in Persian Language.

Kapadoks – Cappadox : Former name of the Delice River, one of the important branches of Kızılırmak (Halis) River. Besides that son of the Assyrian King Ninias was named Cappadox.

Khepatukh : Chief God namein early Hittites period and in the same time Khepatukh means the country where is located below. Cappadocia is located south of the capital city of Hittites (Boğazköy/Hattusas).

Katpatuk : The word Katpatuk, which means nation in Armenian Language.